Clearwell System located at the Water Office

Water Department

We take pride in providing the City of Paris with an adequate, safe, reliable, and cost efficient potable drinking water supply. The City of Paris is responsible for the development, administration, and operation of the public drinking water supply. The City of Paris purchases their potable drinking water from the Clarence Cannon Wholesale Water Commission (CCWWC). The CCWWC obtains raw water from Mark Twain Lake and processes the water at a water treatment plant located near Stoutsville, Missouri. The CCWWC which supplies drinking water for numerous communities and rural areas throughout Northeast Missouri is required to be in compliance with current public drinking water standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency and the regulatory standards of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. To monitor the efficiency of the water, CCWWC provides the City of Paris with monthly water quality reports and the Superintendent of the City of Paris serves as an alternate on the Board of Directors of the CCWWC. The City of Paris contracts an ample supply of water from CCWWC to meet and exceed the demands.

2020 Annual Water Quality Reports

These Consumer Confidence Reports are intended to provide you with important information about your drinking water and the efforts made to provide safe drinking water. Click the links below to view the reports online. Hardcopies may be obtained by contacting the Paris City Office.

2020 PWS Report