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Founders Cemetery

The first cemetery established in Paris was just north of the railroad tracks. There are approximately 200 graves that are still marked by headstones. Many names famous in Monroe County history can be found in this old burial place. Inscriptions, in many instances, are so dimmed with age and weathering that they are illegible. In some instances, two dates are given, the first being that of birth and last of death. On others, where there is only one date, this refers to death date. Unfortunately, there are a few that have dates and even names which are unable to be read. Many of the old pioneers have been moved to the new cemetery at Walnut Grove just a short distance north on Hwy 24.

Walnut Grove Cemetery

Current Cemetery Listing



Any individual providing a $70 donation will be recognized with a 4″ x 2″ metal plaque which will be attached to a board in the City Hall or at the cemetery.

Donations will be deposited into the Cemetery Department Flag Memorial Fund.

Flags will be purchased based on availability of funds and monies in the fund will also be used for flag replacements when necessary.

Flags will be displayed on Memorial Day weekend, July 4th, Veteran’s Day and Flag Day. Flags may be displayed for special recognitions per approval by the Paris Board of Aldermen.

Flags will be displayed at Walnut Grove & Founders Cemeteries.


Thank you to TPNB Bank for the generous donation for flags at Walnut Grove Cemetery. Each Friday, the employees at the local bank pay to wear jeans. The bank will then match that number and donate to an organization.